sport specific training

sport specific training

Does my child need private lessons?

EVERY child can benefit from private athletic instruction. No goal is too big or too small. If your child wants to master a particular sport, increase strength or simply get more exercise in a fun, structured environment then that is exactly what Bee In Motion offers. Every child deserves the opportunity to experience the confidence, the fitness and the social understanding that only athletics can inspire. Practice privately, train with a small group of old or new friends or join our large group of Sports, Fitness & Fun weekend classes! All will benefit your child in health, social settings and school sports.

What is the “Bee In Motion” approach to training?

We do not believe in “one size fits all.” Every session is structured differently to meet individual goals and needs. Sessions are organized to include hands-on instruction through a variation of skill repetition, drill practice and fun games. This variety supplies your child with skill development, fitness, strength coupled with a positive physical, social & emotional growth. After our initial consultation we will best design a plan that best fits the needs of you and your child while providing you as the parent with constant feedback and follow up.

Are there any specific sports that you do not coach?

Bee In Motion has expert coaches in ALL sports that can teach children of ALL ages. Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Hockey, Football, Swim, Tennis, Handball, Creative Movement/Dance and Body Control, Children’s Yoga
Age: 6 months- 17 years of age & Adult Bee Fit fitness classes!

Can my child practice multiple sports during one lesson?

Absolutely! Bee In Motion believes that all children should play or at least try as many sports as possible. Not only for the physical benefits of practicing different skills and movements but also mentally by using different strategies that encourage emotional development. Some sports are team-oriented while others are individually goal focused. Diversifying a child’s sports and skills will help them become a better athlete and continue to stimulate their mental and emotional development.

Where do I meet the coach?

The sport sessions happen in the building or in the vicinity of the child’s home, for example a local park or school are typically where our lessons take place. The Upper West Side in Central Park as well as Riverside Park are extremely common but also school yards or fields on the Upper East Side. Pick up and drop off for your child may also be arranged to make scheduling more convenient for you for a small additional fee.

What does my child need to wear or bring for their lesson?

Our coaches will provide ALL the necessary equipment for your specific lesson. We only ask that they come with a water bottle and appropriate footwear for the lesson. If your child has a specific piece of equipment that they would like to use during the lesson such as a basketball, baseball ball, baseball glove, lacrosse stick, skateboard, hockey skates or swim goggles - they are welcome to bring it along.

How long are the lessons?

A private one on one lesson is either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. A 90-minute lesson is your best deal as the additional 30 minutes are offered at a discounted rate. We want the child to be fully immersed in the skill and achieve the most out of the scheduled “on task” lesson time. Please note this does not include time set aside for drop off or pick up by a Bee In Motion coach.

Sports, FItness & Fun: JUST PLAY

Sports, FItness & Fun: "JUST PLAY"

Where do “JUST PLAY” sessions take place?

“JUST PLAY” sessions take play both outside in Central & Riverside Park, as well as in numerous schools gymnasiums throughout Manhattan. More info

Can my child join “JUST PLAY” classes if they are not athletic & don’t play sports?

"JUST PLAY" was created exactly for that reason. Coach Brian and his team are looking for ALL children to join "JUST PLAY" so they get an opportunity to play a variety of cooperative and competitive games in a fun, safe environment. We strongly encourage those children who unfortunately do not get enough exercise during their school day and week to come out & "JUST PLAY!"

What does my child need for a "JUST PLAY" class?

All your child needs to bring is a water bottle, proper athletic attire including sneakers, a good effort and a positive attitude.

Do you ever play “organized sports” in "JUST PLAY" classes?

"JUST PLAY" will NOT include any organized sports. Each session will have a variety of fun, large group games that all children love to play. Organized sports games will be implemented during Bee In Motion’s Sport Specific Classes.

How do I sign up for a "JUST PLAY" class?

Please contact Bee In Motion by e-mailing or you may Book Now.

Do I have to sign up for a minimum number of classes?

There is no minimum number of classes, so you may come and go as you please. Booking must bee made 5 days in advance to ensure a fun, organized class.

Does Bee In Motion have a discount for signing up for multiple classes?

Yes we do, please contact us today.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Where do you host the birthday party?

All birthday parties are held outside in a public park and the two most common are Central Park and Riverside Park, but if there is a park in your neighborhood then we will travel to you. Parties have also been done in Morningside Heights, Williamsburg, BK, Astoria, Queens, Stanford CT, Greenwich CT & Long Island. Parties have and can also be hosted at your indoor space.

What about bathrooms?

This is always a little tricky, but the majority of the parks we use have a bathroom facility on site.

Is food provided for the party?

We do NOT provide food, however, we do have recommendations in certain neighborhoods where discounts up to 15% can be applied. We will help you every step of the way including organizing the children to eat, handing out food, drinks and dessert to maximize “activity-time.”

Do I need to obtain a permit?

Obtaining a permit can take 30 days, so while it’s always recommended to have a permit; it is not mandatory.

Does Bee In Motion provide tables for my party?

Bee In Motion provides all equipment for games & activities, so everything else (tables, blankets, chairs & tableware) is provided for by the host family.

What if my child is not sporty?

Not sporty? NO WORRIES! Bee In Motion coaches will design a birthday party that will not only suit the needs of your child, but will have all friends moving, laughing and having fun. There are many games and activities that all children love to play that have nothing to do with sports.

How many coaches will be working the party?

Most birthday parties will have at least two coaches, but the amount of coaches will depend on the number of children. We like to keep a 10 children-1 coach ratio, but adjustments can be made by request.

This all sounds great! BOOK NOW!

Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

At what age do you start swimming lessons?

In Bee In Motion’s swimming pedagogy there is no specific age for child to start learning how to swim. However, the earlier a child is in the water, the more likely they are to have a positive towards being underwater and learning to swim.

Should my child wear goggles during a swim lesson?

Some children’s eyes are more sensitive to chlorine than others but I always encourage our students to try goggles. Using goggles is beneficial and safe for children for a few specific reasons. It will be easier and more comfortable to submerge their head and face in the water as well as see underwater. We use many fun underwater games so being able to submerge their head entirely is a very important and a fun part of learning to swim.

How can I find the right pair of goggles for my child?

Goggles that are strongly recommended are those that meet these three criteria. First, they do not cover the nose or look like a snorkeling mask. Second, when swimming indoors, the lens of the goggles should be clear and not tinted. Third, they are a suitable size for your child. Young children should not wear adult size goggles. We recommended the company that is found on our Relationships Page - Aqua Sphere Seal Kid, FINIS H2 Goggles. Your best bet is to also stay away from goggles that have a gimmicky shape like a frog, turtle or princess.

Should we practice or swim before the lesson?

We recommend to not practice or swim before the session because we want your child to be fully alert and physically ready for the planned activities.

What is water intoxication?

The swallowing of large quantities of water can cause water intoxication. In an organized “mommy & me” class this is not common but it can occur. The “mommy & me” classes are designed with this in mind and the class length limits to submersions are a part of our effort to make this a safe learning environment.

Why is our vision blurry underwater?

Based on normal vision standard of 20/20, vision underwater is 20/4000 without the aid of goggles. Most states consider persons with 20/200 vision legally blind. The use of goggles will not only restore normal vision but protect a child’s eyes from chlorine, help a child submerge his/her head underwater and will create an endless fun and positive learning experience in the water.

Why do some people float better than others?

With a few exceptions everyone floats. However, most people think that they are the exception. The degree of buoyancy is dependent upon several factors such as the ratio of fatty tissue to muscle tissue or the amount of bone mass and lung capacity.

Why do I sometimes have dry, itchy skin after swimming?

Some people are naturally more sensitive to the chemicals that are used in a pool’s purification system. There are some steps you can take to prevent these adverse reactions. To protect skin and hair you should always shower before and after using the pool facility. Ideally, showering should occur without soap and with cool water. This helps to cut down on any contaminants that you may be bringing into the pool as well as any remove any when you leave the pool. After you exit the pool, to prevent excessive drying of your skin and the development of any rashes we recommend that you apply baby oil or highly emollient lotions to your body after showering. We find Vanicreme to be most useful for dry skin & Ultra Swim conditioner for your hair, which helps remove chlorine.

Why do I need to wear a swim cap?

Some pools require swimmers to wear a swim cap but even if your pool does not it can be beneficial. Wearing a swim cap helps to keep your hair out of the pool which helps keep the pool clean and also keep hair out of your eyes when swimming.
Swim Lessons

What should I do if my child cries during a swim lesson?

We understand it’s very difficult to see your child cry during a class and it is a natural instinct to want to comfort them. Crying is not uncommon and is a natural expression of the child’s initial fear or emotional discomfort due to immersion in the water and/or a separation from you. Bee In Motion coaches will first acknowledge the child’s anxiety but then continue to push forward using an alternative approach to teach the skill. All of the child we work with learn to overcome their initial fear within the first lesson but we need your trust and support.

Suggestions on how you help:
  • Hand off your child to the instructor to build trust.
    • Walk your child out onto the pool deck and hand him/her over to the coach. This act reinforces to your child that the coach can be trusted from the first lesson.
  • The out of sight, out of mind method.
    • You know your child best. If it helps to focus your child to leave the room, that’s great but it not - then keep smiling! Don't forget children are actually learning even if they are crying. Muscles are being built, coordination is increasing, correct patterns are developing in the brain and breath control is growing
  • Water play time
    • Independently of the coach, play and practice with them in the water to speed the adjustment period. Just focus on having fun and enjoy the water together.
  • Praise and encouragement
    • After each lesson this is very important! The look to you for motivation and encouragement.