Sport Specific training

sport specific training

In our private (one-on-one) your child will learn and practice sport specific skills in the sport of their choice. Our coaches will create a plan that will focus on improving skills, while increasing strength, endurance and overall fitness of your child. Your lesson can focus on improving skills in one particular sport or in multiple sports. Custom plans are designed for each individual to help you achieve all of your sport and fitness goals. Our coaches use a hands-on, guided approach in a way that is fun, effective and catered to your child’s individual needs.

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In our small group (3-5 children) our coaches have the same concept of focusing on improving sport specific skills, while increasing strength, endurance and overall fitness, but now with several children. The focus stays the same, but the organization and execution is varied because of the small group. Coaches will have less one-on-one instruction and will be teaching to the group as a whole. Your athlete may feel more part of a team as these small group training sessions use fun, effective drills where everyone is practicing together.

Sports, Fitness & Fun

Sports, Fitness & Fun

Bee In Motion wants children to do exactly that, “Bee In Motion.” Specific Sport Classes & JUST PLAY were created to give parents a resource to keep their child in motion through sports, fitness and fun. Sport Specific classes were created so children can learn and practice skills of a particular sport in a team setting, while JUST PLAY was formed so ALL children can have fun playing games and meeting new friends in a safe, fun environment.


Many children nowadays (espec. in NYC) compete at a young age, join travel teams and are booked from the moment they wake up until they go to bed. JUST PLAY is not about the skill focus, it is simply an athletic outlet for nyc kids, especially those who do not play a lot of sports to exercise and play in a comfortable, positive atmosphere.

JUST PLAY sessions are structured using a variety of large group games that all children love to play. Classes are designed so children play together for the pure joy of running around, exercising and playing. While some games may have a winning and a losing team, sportsmanship, empathy and having fun is our focus and don’t worry, no child will receive a trophy. We want children to play, just to play.

Sports, Fitness & Fun

Overview of JUST PLAY classes

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Sports, Fitness & Fun

Sport Specific Classes

In our sport specific classes (6-15 children) your child will learn and practice skills of a particular sport with children their age. These classes can be found in Bee In Motion’s afterschool programs (coming soon to a school near you), and bee organized with a group of friends.

LEVEL I- children with little knowledge and/or no playing experience. Coaches will follow out a lesson plan that is for children that need extra time and assistance learning new skills. This is for those children that do not have experience playing “organized” sports, but want to improve their skills in a fun, safe environment.

LEVEL II- children with prior knowledge and playing experience. Our coaches design a specific lesson plan that has all participants practicing, playing and gaining experience in their chosen sport. Athletes will go through a dynamic warm up, followed by a variety of group drills or stations then will close with a “modified-game,” to utilize the learned skills in a game environment. During this “modified game,” athletes will get to play, but coaches can stop where they see a “teachable moment.” This reinforces the teaching of “game-like” situations to our athletes. You can sign up solo or with friends. Being able to meet new friends, play with and against other children your age is an important part of athletics. While Bee In Motion is focused on improving the physical skills of children we also are striving to improve the social and emotional awareness of all athletes.

Below is an overview of the list of classes that will be offered on the weekends, in after school programs
and can also be set up privately.
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Sports, Fitness & Fun


This fast-paced class will have your child exercising while they learn and develop basic lacrosse skills. Our 6-week developmental program will...

FB LAX (FIELDBOX LACROSSE): 8-16 years (Boys & Girls)

  • Non-stop, non-contact lacrosse game where stickwork, footwork and fun are the principles of the game. Equip needed- gloves & sticks.
  • Rules include: use of a weighted tennis/rubber ball, mini field, mini BOX goals, game to 3-5 (depends on number of players) play 2v2, 3v3, 4v4.

FLAG FOOTBALL: Run routes, create plays, score touchdowns & play football with friends or make new friends in a safe, fun & action-packed environment. Group sizes include: 4 on 4, 5 on 5, 6 on 6.
8-10 years old, 11-13 years old, 14-16 years old.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties Birthday Parties

Private parties are for children of all ages. They are tailored to your child’s needs lasting anywhere from two to four hours with food and drink breaks in between. Each will include a variety of fun age-appropriate activities that will have the children moving, laughing and enjoying time with their friends. Birthday parties can also be catered to the athletic interests of your child. We are able to design sport specific games that can include football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball and even swimming! Take a look at the sample parties below and BOOK NOW!

  • BIRTHDAY PARTY: 8-year old boy (20 total children), 2 hours
  • INTERESTS: football, soccer, baseball
  • Warm-up Tag Game
  • Mini Flag Football game
  • Drinks/Snacks
  • Running Bases
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Mini Soccer Match
  • Birthday Cake
  • Capture the Flag
  • Water breaks throughout the party
  • BIRTHDAY PARTY: 7-year old girl (30 total children) 3 hours
  • INTERESTS: soccer, variety of tag & relay games
  • Excuse Me Please Tag
  • Fox Tail Tag
  • Tunnel Tag
  • Leap Frog Tag
  • Pizza/Snacks
  • Planet Invasion Tag
  • Team Over/Under Kickball
  • Birthday Cake
  • Ga Ga Ball

Bee In Motion coaches organize and implement a party that suits your child’s needs and desires. Coaches will move to a different game when appropriate to ensure that all the children are engaged, involved and having fun. Depending on the size of the party, additional athletic counselors may be required. All counselors have up-to-date First Aid, CPR and AED certifications. BOOK NOW!

Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Bee In Motion swim coaches use a safe, fun, hands-on approach to swimming that will have YOU swimming in NO time. Through a variety of drills, immediate feedback and fun water games ALL swimmers can achieve success. During your initial consultation/lesson, our coaches design a lesson plan specifically for YOU. We teach individual lessons to people of ALL AGES and please look out for small group Instructional Swim, as well as, large group Aqua Bee Fit classes offered in your building. BOOK NOW!

Swim Lessons Swim Lessons