Summer Snapshot

Come and explore all the adventures that Manhattan has to offer at BEE In The City Summer Camp 2017. Children entering kindergarten through fourth grade are invited to explore the city through daily outings, as well as, enriching activities at our historic home, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Campers will experience activities based on four thematic weeks of community service projects; learning through the arts; sports, fitness & fun activities; reading buddies; library visits; guest speakers & a mix of even more exciting adventures. From raising money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, to tours of Yankee Stadium, to learning how to do magic, to learning about nutrition & health; to playing games in Central Park, to discovering new hobbies; to keeping up on our reading & writing; to storytelling & creating murals/comic books; to creating long lasting friendships that will last forever, Bee In The City campers will have a blast!

Below are the schedules of what various days at BEE In The City will look like. We take pride in the fact that each camper can excel in his or her area of expertise, but also be challenged to try new activities that they will fall in love with summer after summer. This outline is what four typical days of camp will look like.

Day 1: Photography Day

9:00-9:30: Good morning campers! You will be greeted upstairs and escorted downstairs to start our amazing day! You will check in with the counselor on arrival and unpack your things for the day. Pick a station to start your day - making rainbow looms/beaded bracelets, create and build with block and legos, take part in a small craft, free draw/write, choose a book from our camp library, or chat with friends about the awesome activities ahead!

9:30-10:00: Get ready to meet in your camp groups and have a morning meeting. Get to know one another through various greetings, activities, and games (Similar to those used in Responsive classroom). Then listen up because Mr. Loesch and Ms. Bressler have announcements for today!

10:00-12:00: Get ready for our first adventure! Today we are going to start the morning with photography lessons. We learn about the importance of angles and lighting, then off we go around our camp home base and out into the city to reenact famous photos and practice shooting with our new knowledge of photography! Through the interesting and one of a kind streets of New York, to the beauty of Central Park, we capture unique and exciting pictures of our city! Smile!

12:00-1:00: Time for lunch, then a mindful moment to relax and cool down.

1:00-2:30 Our second adventure begins with camp photos by group, and individual shots. Say Cheese! We will also get to decorate our very own picture frames to hold our new camp photos! To end our adventures, lets look through a slideshow of the different photos we took that day and compare our photos with the other groups.

2:30-2:45: We end our day with a few minutes of peaceful yoga, some afternoon announcements or a short activity, and then get ready to head home!

2:45-3:00: Time to get picked up at Presbyterian Church. Rest up and get ready for the next day at BEE in the City!

Day 2: Alex's Lemonade Stand

9:00-9:30: Good morning campers! We are so excited to see you again! Head on downstairs to check in, unpack, and choose your station for today! You will see some of the same morning activities and how about some new things to choose from - make your own puzzle, board games with friends, math games on the Ipad, brain teasers, and so much more!

9:30-10:00: Time for morning meeting as a full camp! Today is a special day because we will talk about Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research. We listen closely to our visiting speaker to learn more about the foundation, then read the story of Alex’s lemonade stand to the camp!

10:00-11:30: Time to prepare our lemonade stands! We will decorate posters, blow up balloons, apply face paint, make yummy lemonade, and come up with chants and cheers to get people to donate at each of our lemonade stands!

11:30-12:00: Time for a quick lunch before we head out to give away free lemonade and seek out donations for this amazing foundation.

12:00-2:00: Off into the city we go to set up our lemonade stands! We cheer with our friends to attract donations, see familiar faces of visiting parents and friends to each of our stands, and have lots of fun!

2:00-2:30: Back to camp to count all the money we raised for Alex’s lemonade stand! We total up all the money as a camp!

2:30-3:00: It is time to reveal the grand camp total of money that we raised! We can not believe how rewarding this experience is, and how much fun it can be to help others! Time to get picked up at Presbyterian Church. Rest up and get ready for the next day at BEE in the City!

Day 3: Magic and Central Park Visit

9:00-9:30: We are so happy to see you again today! Check in downstairs and choose an activity to start your day! Take part in a board game from yesterday, try our magic tricks, or get your face painted this morning!

9:30-10:00: A quick morning meeting today because a magician is here to visit and entertain us!

10:00-12:00: Enjoy our magician and watch the magic! After he is done, we will rotate in groups to learn our very own magic tricks, create balloon animals, and continue with face paint!

12:00-1:00: With the nice weather outside, let’s have a picnic lunch in Central Park!

1:00-2:30: Our second adventure begins with sports activities and fitness in Central Park. How lucky are we to be located so close to the park?! We will start with an active warm up followed by silly relay races. Let’s conclude our fitness fun with an organized kickball game. Who can kick a home run?

2:30-2:45: Head back to camp and end our day with yoga and breathing to cool down and relax!

2:45-3:00: Dismissal - we can not wait to see you on our next adventure tomorrow at BEE in the City!

Day 4: New York Skyline Day

9:00-9:30: We are off on another exciting day! Check in and choose an activity of your choice for our morning!

9:30-10:00: Let’s change things up for morning meeting today - let’s play ships and sailors as a camp! Don’t worry - we will teach you all the rules! Then some announcements for our day exploring the city.

10:00-12:00: We will be picked up by a Double Decker tour bus and see different landmarks around the city. Everyone has the option to sit up top, or stay cool inside the bus. Listen to our tour guide as he/she tells us about the significance of different buildings and sites around the city. Wave to the people around us as we drive by!

12:00-1:00: Head back to camp for lunch and some quiet time to relax after our busy morning!

1:00-2:30: Now our canvas painting lessons begin! Watch as you are informed how to paint some of the different buildings that we see in New York City. Each of you will get your very own canvas to first sketch and then paint the beautiful buildings of New York!

2:30-2:45: After you finish the final touches on your canvas, it is almost time to go! A quick afternoon game and announcements will be given as well!

2:45-3:00: Dismissal - See you tomorrow to continue exploring New York City with your BEE in the City friends!

*These outings are subject to change based on availability and weather


Who are the BEE in the City Campers?

Our campers will consist of kids entering kindergarten through fourth grade from all over the city!

Who are the BEE in the City Counselors?

Our counselors consist of teachers and educators in Manhattan, as well as coaches from the BEE in Motion staff. All counselors and staff members have years of experience working with children and will provide the ultimate camp experience for each and every child this summer.

What is the Camp to Counselor Ratio?

Counselors will look after no more than 6 students throughout the camp day. Most days, we will travel and participate in activities as a full camp.

What happens if it is raining or very hot temperatures outside?

How lucky are we to call our camp home the FIfth Avenue Presbyterian Church?! With an entire floor of the church to ourselves, campers have space to move around and participate in endless indoor activities on a rainy or hot day. We have several different rooms at our disposal to continue our adventures and change locations!

What does my child need to bring to camp each day?

Please bring a lunch each day labeled with your child’s first and last name. Include an ice pack or items that will not perish throughout the morning. Snacks will be provided to campers as well. Please also send your child with a backpack to camp to hold a water bottle and sunscreen. If you need any additional items for specific activities, we will notify you ahead of time. We also suggest a change of clothes to to be kept in the backpack throughout the summer.

What should my child wear to camp each day?

Campers should be comfortable and ready for action! We suggest a comfortable t-shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes. For some adventures, we will ask that campers wear their BEE In The City t-shirts, but we will notify you ahead of time! Also, please send your child to camp wearing sunscreen.

How will you travel to the different adventures that you take?

With such a central and convenient location, we will often walk to our destinations. However, for longer distances we will travel on school buses or use the subway to get to our adventures.

Other questions? Contact:

Carly Bressler (240) 994-0165

Brian Loesch (516) 680-8497