- Beth B.
My daughter attended one of Brian’s parties in Prospect Park and immediately asked if he could come to her own birthday party. Brian had the kids running around for 2 full hours – non stop. They were laughing and having such a fun time. They only took quick water breaks and immediately wanted to run back out to the game. Brian knew exactly how to manage a large group of kids in the open space of the park. He knew just when to switch the games and had a wonderful demeanor with the kids. It was obvious that he was having as much fun as they were. I highly recommend Brian for your next sports party. He is great!

- Jessica R.
Coach Brian has worked with our son for over 2.5 years as a coach. He is motivational in physical activities, including goal setting for improved performance, as well as, eating habits for a leading a healthier life-style. Brian has great energy and spirit. His focus and dedication have overcome a child resistant to physical activity and made it fun yet still challenging.

- Ryan K.
Brian’s extremely upbeat and hands on approach towards coaching lacrosse works brilliantly with young athletes. His engaging personality and knowledge of the game is perfect for any player looking to take their game to the next level!

- Steve D.
Working with Brian has really improved my stick skills and the fact that he brings a net to each session makes practicing feel like a real game.

- Tasha G.
Brian, aka Coach Loesch, greets my son with a huge smile! He is an enthusiastic, nurturing skilled athlete and an experienced teacher. Brian has worked with my son specifically on lacrosse this season and has instilled a passion for the game, as well as, skills and knowledge of the rules and terminology.

- Daniel J Chai, M.D.
“Coach Brian” currently teaches our two boys (ages 7 and 5). He has an amazing ability to engage our children through his enthusiastic & encouraging approach. Not only is Brian a superb lacrosse teacher, but he is also a wonderful role model for our boys.

- Samson G.
Really all the skills that I use in a game, I learned from Coach Loesch! Practice with Coach Loesch is my favorite day of the week!

- The Kostas Family
Brian is an incredibly dedicated coach. Both my children love working with “Coach Brian” and look forward to their time with him. They’ve made incredible progress in their swimming skills, and my son LOVES his ball skills time. Brian is always coming up with new ways to motivate them to succeed and overcome any challenges that arise. It has been a pleasure working with him.

- Harriet C.
Brian was always wonderful with our boys from teaching them lacrosse, football, baseball or just taking them bike riding in the park. He was always their favorite coach and our boys still talk about him today. I look forward to many more great years with him for my younger boys.

- Nicole F.
Brian has been nothing but kind, supportive and encouraging while teaching my 3 year old to swim. His enthusiasm and ability to make the lesson fun keeps my son engaged and he looks forward to seeing Coach Brian every week. Our experience working with Brian has been nothing but positive and we would highly recommend him to anyone interested in private swimming lessons.

- Lisa D.
Brian gets as close to creating a playing environment as possible during coaching sessions…he focuses on creating an up-tempo environment for all drills, which really brings out the best in kids and they have a great time refining their stick skills. He is an excellent coach and is passionate about the game.

- Sue W.
Brian is a great coach. He is so excited about Lacrosse and my son has improved tremendously in a very short time period. I highly recommend him for group or individual lessons.

- Dylan W.
Brian is a definitely a great teacher. He was very engaging and enthusiastic about teaching my friend and me.

- Hayley P.
Before working with Coach max our son did not like to play sports, but Coach Max turned that around by giving him the skills and confidence he needed to get out there and play.

- Brady.
Coach Max helps you get really good and makes it super fun!

- Alex B.
"Coach Max is a great teacher-- he knows how to teach a variety of kids on all different levels. I learned how to create space when someone is playing great defense against me."

- Harry G.
Coach Chase is a great coach and really knows what he is doing. He can joke around but when he needs to be serious he can do that too. Coach Chase has helped me with very important skills; GB’s, throwing, catching, shooting and dodging. When I went to sleep away camp I was confident b/c I had these skills from Chase.

- Asher C.
Coach Max is an amazing coach. He has taught me all the right skills and is energetic and fun. I am much better at flag football and soccer because of all his guidance.

- Renee Rockefeller
Brian arrived to central park day one on his bicycle with a lacrosse net and a backpack of balls. Training started in no time and was non-stop for the next two hours. Brian made my son laugh and he inspired him to play hard. There is no question that Brian is a tremendous athlete and a talented coach. However, what impressed me the most was that while Brian was providing instruction, he never remained on the sidelines. He was running the drills and simultaneously playing with/against my son and continuously challenging him. After working with Brian, my son felt he was better prepared than any other athlete on the field. Brian helped bring his game to the next level. I believe Brian has the ability to take an athlete from any sport and design a training program that fits his or her needs. Furthermore, he provides an environment that breeds the secrets of unstoppable motivation, boundless self-confidence, and limitless success.

- Norma M.
Coach Brian is AMAZING!! He is able to teach children the fundamentals of the game, as well as good sportsmanship. It is a wonderful combination! My son loves working with both coach Alex and coach Sanne on his tennis skills. He has learned so much and while each has their own teaching style, but both make it so fun. Thank you Bee In Motion!

- Ann H.
My two girls (5 and 2) felt so at ease with Coach Suzanne because of her kind and patient nature. She has great skills and knew exactly what my girls needed from the lessons to improve their swimming skills. Coach Brian has been very efficient on correspondence and reading his emails made me feel very positive and excited about my children developing and learning to swim. Thank you for an all round excellent few lessons whilst we were staying in New York temporarily! Highly recommend Bee In Motion. Ann H.

- Caryn K.
We had our sons 7th birthday party in Central Park mid July in pretty hot weather. the Bee In Motion coaches were fabulous! They kept the kids engaged, had water breaks to keep them safe and healthy and were very easy going and party friendly. All kids had a fabulous time and all the parents at the party were impressed with the endurance and overall vibe of the coaches!! Coach Max came early and helped set up- which was not part of their work. He and Coach Lawrence even stayed late assuring all the kids finished the game and had a good time. I was extremely appreciative of their effort to have a good time and not just be there for the set session time. Seriously would use them again and strongly recommend them for any and EVERY children's birthday party!

- Lauren A.
The best birthday party I ever had!" This was a quote from my 9 year old after his party in Central Park run by Coach Brian and Coach Lawrence. The kids were entertained immediately. Brian and Lawrence played dodge ball, capture the flag and kickball. The best part was that some of the kids did not know each other but that did not matter - the activities kept them engaged the whole time. The coaches were just phenomenal with the kids. They worked to every kid's strength. They even got them to cooperate for a picture. We had our friends comment on what a great party it was and the kids did not want to leave. As a parent, it was the most relaxed party we have had. Thank you again to Brian and Lawrence and we highly recommend them and we will hire them again for sure.

- Ava. S
Coach Brian, coach Max and Coach Lawrence are AMAZING!! Bee In Motion coaches have worked with my son and his friends on a variety of athletic skills including basketball, soccer and baseball. Each session is so worthwhile because my son is not only improving his sport-specific skills, but his physical fitness. My son loves working with them all and I think that is because of the coaches creative approaches and their enormous amount of positive energy! Thank you Bee In Motion!

- Debbie L
I had an incredible experience working with Brian, planning my son's tenth birthday party. He was a joy to work with -- very cooperative and reliable, and made excellent suggestions. Coach Max ran the party and he was amazing! The kids were occupied with joy and enthusiasm for 2 hours. Max was fabulous, fun, attentive, organized, and energetic. He learned all the kids' names within minutes, and kept them active and involved and entertained. I highly recommend planning a party with Bee in Motion!

- Meredith S.
We had a fantastic experience working with Bee In Motion! Brian was very easy to work with and he set us up quickly with Coach Lawrence, who taught two of my children to ride bikes. It was a hassle-free experience, and really fun for the kids. Within one or two lessons, each were riding pretty easily, and they wanted more lessons because it was so much fun to work with Coach Lawrence! He had them doing various "challenges" which made improving their skills really fun and enjoyable. Coach Lawrence immediately put the kids at ease and was patient with them and got results! I've already referred him to three friends of mine to teach their own kids to ride bikes! :) Thank you Bee In Motion!

- Michele H.
Brian introduced Bee In Motion to our Camp Sparkle program at Gilda's Club New York City. His passion and enthusiasm truly ignited the energy in our campers, and they fully enjoyed the sports games and other activities. Brian's warm nature and understanding of the needs of the children in our program helped to create a safe, comfortable, and fun environment. His dedication to providing positive experiences for children is evident. We look forward to working with Brian and Bee In Motion again in the future!

- Juliet.
Coach Max & Coach Lou did an amazing job at my son’s fifth birthday party this weekend in Central Park. It was a start-to-finish operation! They picked a perfect spot for the party, provided a map with the location pinned, arrived early with all the equipment, and stayed to make sure we were all set with cleanup. They quickly won the attention and enthusiasm of a large group of kids and had everyone playing happily and energetically together. Not all the kids knew each other and many have learning disabilities, so this was particularly impressive. Many of the parents said it was one of the most fun & relaxed birthday parties they had been to. Great job! Thank you so much.

- Kevin.
I’ve worked with both Coach Todd and Coach Chase and both are awesome coaches. They sure know what they’re doing and are always happy to teach me a variety of lacrosse skills. I have seen a huge impact in my game in only a few lessons and I can’t wait to bring it to the high school level. Thanks so much Coaches, what you are doing with Bee In Motion is phenomenal!

- DW.
Thank you, Coaches Brian and Arielle, for helping me celebrate my birthday with all my friends and family. It was great to do so many fun activities given how many different ages of kids were at my party. Hope we can play again soon!

- Juliet & Matt.
Our daughter’s sixth birthday soccer celebration was fantastic thanks to the energy and charisma of coaches Brian and Arielle. The kids were continuously engaged with a range of activities and we didn’t have to work at all. Thank you!

- Yong Cai
Coach Brian made the birthday party for our son easy and fun. The kids enjoyed variety of games and would not want to leave to other planned activities. It was a memorable event. We are very happy with Brian on organizing the activities for the birthday party. Coach Brian has our strongest recommendation!

- Jill D.
Coach Brian did a really superb job running our son James’s tenth birthday party in Central Park this past weekend. Brian provided a totally ” turn-key” party as he brought all of the balls and requisite equipment to ensure 2 hours of nonstop activity for the dozen boys who were there. And his unflagging enthusiasm and ability to connect with all of the kids- not just the birthday boy- made it a great event for everyone. We recommend Coach Brian 100%!!

- Tania
My daughter loves coach Brian. He is high energy, motivating and teaches my now 5 yr old through play and fun. He is great with kids and that really helps if you have young ones. He is constantly giving feedback and finds a way to encourage the kids to perform better. He truly has our interest at heart. We are thrilled with the way my 5 yr swims today because of him. Brian is now working on my 3 yr old also. Highly recommended.

- Shari C.
We hired Brian to teach our four-year-old son to swim. We got to him because my mother had observed him teaching another child in her building’s pool and noticed what a remarkable teacher he is (she taught school for many years). My son loves him and has come such a long way in just a few weeks–he is comfortable in the water, can dive underwater and swim on his own. Brian is amazingly patient and very engaging in how he teaches–including toys that my son has to dive for, games, and fun and humor throughout. He keeps my son moving constantly–very gentle and nurturing while at the same time pushing him to stretch further. I highly recommend him and feel fortunate to have found such a gifted swim teacher for my son.

- Marla Wasserman
Brian is awesome. He is both warm and nurturing but no-nonsense. When my husband was dying of cancer, it was Brian who helped teach my son some basic sports skills but, more importantly, how to never give up whether in sports or life. I recommend him wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.

- Sara C.
Brian is an extraordinary coach. Because he’s experienced in so many sports he’s extremely versatile. He also understands grammar school boys so well he keeps my son engaged and excited about everything he does with him. Brian is easy going and professional and he’s become a great friend to our whole family.

- Bryan Verona
Brian did a fantastic job of keeping my child and his friends not only engaged after school, but also improving their skills. I received real-time feedback which both he and I used to improve my child’s skills at baseball specifically. It was a very productive experience for all. Thanks Brian!

- Irena R.
My husband and I hired Brian to entertain at our son’s 8th birthday party and it was a great success. First of all, pre-party communication with Brian was excellent. We talked well in advance about what we wanted, what he could provide, the number of children who would be at the party, the types of activities he would lead, and, importantly, exactly when and where he would show up. On party day, Brian arrived early with all the equipment he would need. Our party was in a public park and we had invited about 30 children, as our son had several different circles of friends from the many activities he engages in. Thirty small children would be a challenge for anyone, but Brian was up to the task. He demonstrated tremendous energy to go with an engaging delivery and obvious expertise and experience in leading activities for children. Brian’s party activities are highly inclusive and athletic. All the kids got involved and were running, jumping, skipping with open delight. We got tremendous feedback about the party from the parents who attended. In short, Brian was a big success.

- Shenae Osborn
Brian taught my 6 and 4year old boys how to swim starting a year ago. I wish he was in our area now that we moved from the city cause he is exceptional!! My boys showed amazing progress from the very first lesson and always looked forward to having their lessons. I have recommended him to many friends who have decided to use him and also were amazed by Brian’s skills with children. The best part is that he is very reasonable with his pricing which is wonderful to find in such an expensive city. Trust me, I searched everywhere and he was the most reasonable and the best with all of the services he offers. If you want your kids to actually learn AND have fun then there is only one person to hire and that is Brian!

- Anonymous
My son had his 10-year old birthday party in CPW with Coach Brian with about 18 friends in attendance. The kids discussed the party days afterwards and the fun they had playing a variety of sports with only Coach Brian facilitating. My son is planning his next party, most likely with Coach Brian. Coach Brian is great with both boys and girls; his organizational skills are superior and kids really like his leadership.

- Katie Keppler
Coach Brian travelled to our home in Connecticut to run my son’s 10-year-old birthday party. It was a hot day in June and there were about twelve 10 yr. old boys to keep interested and engaged. Brian did a great job getting them all to play a rousing game of capture the flag. There were some boys who weren’t as sporty as others, so I was a little nervous, but Brian was able to keep everyone actively involved having fun! We ended the day with a great game of 4 square and my 6 yr. old said after “Coach Brian is really good at 4 square!” Brian is energetic and fun to be around; he can relate to kids on their level, which is a great quality in a coach. Thanks Brian for making Liam’s birthday such a big success!

- Stephanie Olson
Brian made my son’s 8th birthday party so much fun! He had 20 active little boys to entertain and for almost two hours, they were engaged and amused. Everyone went home tired and happy. Brian’s games are creative yet familiar that the kids understand the goal quickly and enjoy the new challenge. He is patient and kind and has a great way about him that the kids take to immediately. He made every kid feel like a talented athlete! I would highly recommend inviting Brian to your child’s party.

- Laurie Block
Brian... Or as my son calls him Captain America is just the kind of coach any kid needs to build confidence! He has been there to teach my child bike riding, lacrosse, and helped him understand how to think like an Athlete. A true professional that was able to handle even a kid that is resistant to sports. I am forever thankful to him for helping my son think and believe so he is not afraid to engage in activities and understand the value of physical fitness.

- Philip H.
Coach Max is amazing and really knows what he was doing! He is nice, challenges you a lot and I really like practicing my football skills with him.

- Henry H.
I work with Coach Brian, Coach Todd, and Coach Chase. I have improved greatly not only in lacrosse, but also in my agility and stamina. They are all really nice and they are always early. I'm prefer to sleep late, but when Saturday comes around and I have a lesson, I'm up like an early bird! Thanks Bee In Motion.

- Klazien V.V
Coach Lawrence and Coach Leisel delivered an amazing, fun-filled, very active, non-stop party for my 6-year old boy/girl twins birthday party. Brian was incredibly helpful in the preparations for the party, offering a number of location suggestions (all great) and basically taking all of the hard work of preparations out of our hands. The handover to Lawrence and Leisel at the party was seamless. They were so happy and full of energy; they got the whole group involved and managed to keep them engaged until the very last minute of party-time. It was a great party, both for the children and for the parents, thank you!

- May C.
My two girls (3 and 4.5) have been working with Coach Baron for the past few months. Coach Baron is very patient and flexible with them. My younger one had a fear for water at the beginning. Coach Baron completely cured it and now she can even dive into the water. My older one is also now very comfortable in the water and loves the fun games that Baron implements such as "torpedo" and "diving for rings." The girls always have fun and fully enjoy their special swim time with Coach Baron.

- Ava. S
Coach Brian, coach Max and Coach Lawrence are AMAZING!! Bee In Motion coaches have worked with my son and his friends on a variety of athletic skills including basketball, soccer and baseball. Each session is so worthwhile because my son is not only improving his sport-specific skills, but his physical fitness. My son loves working with them all and I think that is because of the coaches creative approaches and their enormous amount of positive energy! Thank you Bee In Motion!

- Nam T.

Used Bee In Motion for my sons 8th bday. When I asked my son him if the party was better than he was expecting , he said it was the best party he's ever had times 1000! Brian was a pleasure to deal with and Coach Max & Coach Lawrence were great! They picked a convenient. spot in Central Park for the party & kept all the kids involved and having fun. I would highly recommend Bee In Motion to run your next birthday party!